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Later, Neesee proposes to Jonny but the newly engaged couple is too scared to tell Robert whom isn't okay with it at all.When Robert turns down his sister Carmen's latest "get-rich-quick" scheme, she pleads her case to Tia, who decides to help her, but accidentally gives Carmen money that was intended for Bobby Jr., so when Neesee's child support check bounces, a furious Neesee lets everyone know about it.

Sir (and everyone working with you), this is a work of art you made ther: thank you.

may have actually witnessed them having sex, and to make matters worse, they believe that Bobby Jr.

has drawn a picture of what he saw and fear that he may show it to Neesee.

Meanwhile, R&B sensation and movie star Beyoncé Knowles turns the tables on Robert during an interview when she starts asking him personal questions.

After Tia uses Neesee's maiden name when forging her signature on one of Bobby Jr.'s permission slips, Neesee reveals that she intends to keep Robert's last name even though they're officially divorced.

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