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Brightmail anti spam filter not updating

However, the real reason that Microsoft's IMF won't take over the enterprise—even if it's the best spam filter out there and even if they pay you to take it—is that enterprise spam filtering belongs at the perimeter or in a managed service, not at the departmental or even enterprise mail server level.Now, if Microsoft were to put IMF in Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004, mentioned by Gates in the same speech, that would make more sense.

Like IMF, i Hate Spam is integrated into Exchange Server, but at least it works with Exchange 2000.

Finally, many Exchange 2003 customers won't buy it through Software Assurance, but through some other license, such as an OEM Small Business Server 2003 license.

Then again, not every Exchange 2003 user is a Software Assurance customer.

Consumers tend to use Outlook Express, which comes with all versions of Windows, and for which the market is left wide-open for third parties.

After thinking it over, the really interesting question is if Microsoft can't cause a consolidation in the anti-spam market, what can?

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