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When Corky uncovers his ability to slip through customs unchecked, and Murphy finds drug-smuggling under it, she almost feels guilty about taking credit for the story.

But on air, Corky "grabs the brass ring."Murphy feels maternal pangs after visiting with a pregnant friend.

Miles asks the staff to be mentors for a group of young reporters who will be doing a pilot for an FYI-type program for kids; Murphy over helps her protégée (Mayim Bialik). Miles orders the staff to take a stress reduction class.

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Brown played talent agent Sophie Parker on the television sitcom Sophie, which ran for two seasons, and grieving mother Carol Haplin on six of the eight episodes of the ABC series Happy Town.

Murphy's having a rotten day, complicated by a gunman who interrupts the show and demands they read his statement on the air and it gets capped off by the painter she hired to do her kitchen sticking around to finish "extending myself."Eldin meets Corky for the first time and becomes infatuated with her.

Phil reflects on the first time he met Murphy, when she first came to Washington to audition against Linda Ellerbee & Frank Fontana for FYI. Then to ride the PR wave, the network brass decides to give next week's lead story to the award winner.

The on-air talent goes on strike, so management brings in Miller Redfield to handle Murphy's pending interview on the S&L crisis.

When the only question Miller wants to know is why parking isn't validated, Miles must do the interview. Special appearances by Ed Bradley, Bob Dole, Linda Ellerbee, Orrin Hatch, Steve Kroft, Charles Kuralt, Sally Jessy Raphael, Morley Safer, Alan Simpson, Lesley Stahl and Mike Wallace.

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