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Cam to cam anything goes

It was a fine day yesterday, so we ________ have a picnic, and we enjoyed it very much. He suddenly felt ill, but he ________finish his speech, although at the end he could hardly stand. He spoke very little French when he left school, but he __________ understand the language.

Make questions (Yes/No question, three Wh-questions).

(B) Translate the sentences, explain the use of "must" or "have to" in them.

I'm too busy to have a holiday this year, but I hope I_________ have a long holiday next year.

He_________work so hard when he comes out of hospital.

They must show us how to organise the Use the following word combinations to compose sentences expressing order or prohibition. Model: □ to do something exactly the way you are told, order - You must do it exactly... Replace the infinitives in brackets by "must", "have infinitive" if the action is only necessary; by "be infinitive" if it is expected.

Cam to cam anything goes-4

It was planned that we should wait for them after the performance. If you are tired you can lie on the sofa for a bit. "Life," the old man said, "can only be understood when you are old. I could never understand what made her behave as she did."8. While mother was cooking dinner, the children played / were playing football in the street. 2) What qualities you need to do a particular job (Name 3 jobs and as many qualities related to them as you can) 3) What your parents do. Last time I visited / was visiting Paris was in 2012. In 1995 my little brother was starting / started to walk. Where Sam was going / went when you met him in the street yesterday? The driver pushed the klaxon of his car and it went … The town was full of visitors, and we didn't know where we would spend the night, but at last we _________ find two vacant rooms in a small hotel. Before his illness, he_________work fourteen hours a day if he had to. He was very strong; he_________ski all day and dance all night. I_________see all right but I_________not hear very well. She had to change her shoes after walking in the garden. Mother had to tell her plainly what she thought of it.

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