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Dating the right way

The man she wants to find is strong in his faith, straight in his ways, and leading a life pleasing to God. I actually wore (and still wear) a big cross necklace to ward off any scum bags or guys that are intimidated by a strong faith. Plus John (Stasi’s husband) writes parts of it too, giving the male perspective which is also helpful and enlightening!

All I have to do, and what I must do, is surrender to God and ask for His help, strength, and guidance. It’s normal and good, even if they are your babies and you can’t believe this is happening. I also know he thinks she’s pretty, even if he hasn’t mentioned it, because of course. When my words, face, and body language show my sons that I’m open and safe, they are much more likely to come to me with “What do you think I should do about…” and “Is it okay if…” and “She and I were talking about…” and “What do you think would be a good gift for…” Our kids need to know we are on their team, especially while they are navigating relationships. I’ve found it’s important to be intentional about sharing in my sons’ delight over his special girl. My sons don’t have any sisters, so they haven’t grown up experiencing life with any females except for me.By setting boundaries together, you can both have a deeper understanding of the type of relationship that you and your partner want.Boundaries are not meant to make you feel trapped or like you’re “walking on eggshells.” Creating boundaries is not a sign of secrecy or distrust — it’s an expression of what makes you feel comfortable and what you would like or not like to happen within the relationship. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve met a lot of phonies, and even been blind enough to date them. After finding the right man to date, the battle becomes keeping God in the center of the relationship AND your life, rather than the man you’re dating. He knows every guy’s heart better than we ever will, and the best part of this is they can’t fool God like they may be able to fool us (1 Samuel 16: 7). If we trust Him, we can avoid a lot of unnecessary heartbreak.Open, honest and safe communication is a fundamental part of a healthy relationship.The first step to building a relationship is making sure you both understand each other’s needs and expectations—being on the same page is very important. The following tips can help you and your partner create and maintain a healthy relationship: Creating boundaries is a good way to keep your relationship healthy and secure.This was extremely encouraging and freeing for her. When you are single and feel lonely, ask God to show you how much He loves you. We want to be wooed, we want to be thought of, we want to be pursued and fought for, we want little gifts – whether in the form of a bouquet or a kiss on the forehead. He wants to be delighted in just like we do, He loves doing this kind of stuff!! We want to know that we are loved, desired, and cherished. Different people define relationships in different ways.But in order for a relationship to be healthy, it needs a few key ingredients!

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