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89) ROK Firms Hold Investment Road Show in Tokyo Yonhap headline: "S.Korean Firms Hold Investment Road Show in Tokyo" 90) US' Steinberg Calls for Sending 'Strong Signal' to DPRK for Ship Sinking By Hwang Doo-hyong: "Steinberg Calls on Int'l Community to Send Strong Signal to N.

Korea For Ship Sinking" 91) ROK Posts Record 'Current Acco unt Surplus' of $42.67 Billion in 2009 Report by Won-kyung Sung: "S.

Korea's Balance of Current Account in 2009 Posts Record Surplus of 42.67 Billion" 92) Okinawa Local TV Evening News 17 Jun 10 For a copy of the video, contact GSG_GVP_Video [email protected] or the OSC Customer Center at (800) 205-8615. 93) Mitsui May Boost Sakhalin-2 LNG Capacity 94) Hong Kong activists demand return of disputed islands to China 95) Medvedev's Visit To US To Cover Economic Issues, WTO - Dvorkovich 96) DPRK Cabinet Paper on ROK Moves To Revive 'Triangular Military Alliance' OSC plans to process the below-cited Minju Joson "signed commentary" as first referent item; KCNA headline: "S.

12) Argentina Political and Economic Issues 17 Jun 10 For assistance with multimedia elements, contact OSC at 1-800-205-8615 or [email protected]

13) Bolivia Press 17 June 10 For assistance with multimedia elements, contact OSC at 1-800-205-8615 or [email protected]

6) Fatah, HAMAS, Palestinian Figures on Issues Discussed With Arab League's Chief Report by Sawsan Abu-Husayn in Cairo: The Story of the 15 Hours Musa Stayed in Gaza; Abu-Fakkah: Fatah Is Present in Spite of HAMAS Siege; Radwan: The United States Imposed the Siege Before the Division 7) Yemeni Press 17 Jun 10 The following lists selected reports carried in the Yemeni press on 19 Mar. To request processing, please contact OSC at (800) 205-8615 (in US) or (202) 338-6735 (outside US); or fax (703) 613-5735.

8) Xinhua 'Analysis': Israeli Ease of Blockade Not Lasting Solution for Gaza Xinhua "Analysis" by David Harris: "Israeli Ease of Blockade Not Lasting Solution for Gaza" 9) Egyptian Press 17 Jun 10 The following lists selected items from the Egyptian press on 17 June.

14) Russian minister urges USA not to view Customs Union as obstacle to WTO entry 15) Lithuanian Statistics Office Reports Increase of Emigration to 34,700 in 2009 "Number of Emigrants From Lithuania Jumps by Factor of 1.5 in 2009 -- Statistics" -- BNS headline 16) Yesterday in Brief F or June 17, 2010 17) Farmers To Get Benefit of Jute Plant Genome Decoding in 5 Years: Researcher Unattributed report: Jute Genome Decoded: Growers To Get Benefit in 5 Yrs 18) Madrid Daily Reports on European Banks' 600-Billion-Euro Exposure to Spain Report by Alicia Gonzalez: "The European Banking System Risks Over 600 Billion in Spain" 19) Czech Republic Press 17 Jun 10 The following lists selected items from the Czech Republic press on 17 June.

To request additional processing, call OSC at (800) 205-8615, (202) 338-6735; or fax (703) 613-5735.

21) Medvedev Says US Military Base In Kyrgyzstan Should Not Be Forever 22) US and Canada Institute Director Analyzes US National Security Strategy Article by Sergey Rogov, Director of the US and Canada Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Rogov, in particular, points out the differences between the National Security Strategy of the Obama administration and the National Security Strategy of the administration of George W. He also notes that some of the positions in the new strategy regarding Russia are, in his opinion, ambiguous or contradictory: "American Leadership in a Multi-Polar World" 23) Afghan Defence Ministry reviews security for September elections 24) Afghanistan arrests three for plot to bomb luxury hotel 25) Afghanistan's untapped riches worth 'at least' 3 trillion dollars - minister 26) Article Urges Government To Adopt Tidy Policy on Counterterrorism Article by Rana Abdul Baqi: "Flawed Strategy of Counterterrorism& quot; 27) London Pan-Arab Commentary Argues US Policy Fears China To Gain Afghan Minerals Commentary by Tariq al-Humayd: "Bin Ladin, the Minerals and Abu Dulama's Sharing Out" 28) Pakistani Editorial Asks Afghan People To Take Action To Save Resources Editorial: "Discovery of Precious Mineral Resources in Afghanistan" 29) Afghan Jirga Secured Support for Karzai Peace Efforts Article by Bassam Javed: Afghan Jirga and US Military Offensive in Kandhar 30) Pakistan Daily Says Haqqanis Joining Afghan Reconciliation To Improve Situation Editorial: Deal With Haqqani Network?

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