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How the dating rules have changed

In the words of Chaka Khan, you can be “every woman.” You Rely on Technology (Maybe too Much) How did anyone ever get along without cell phones, e-mail and computers?Technology advancements have certainly made your life easier, but it has also changed the way you communicate.

Therefore, you can relax and take your time, as your mate will complement the mature and authentic you.

It’s no secret that the world was changed forever by the Internet and the rise of social media.

As the traditional view of the modest lady-in-waiting fades, you can take the lead and ask for what you want. You Can Have It All Nowadays, it’s not unusual for a woman to “have it all.” With financial independence, burgeoning careers and growing gender equality, women can work, stay fit, volunteer, fill their social calendar and still date the man of her dreams.

Nowadays, juggling the bevy of responsibilities just makes you a well-rounded, driven individual that is more likely to have interests and a life of your own.

It isn’t uncommon that women and men will complete their education, climb the corporate ladder and obtain property before getting on with the happily-ever-after.

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The good news is that you generally know yourself better as you age, understanding your goals and defining your priorities.We have compiled a list of things that weren’t true when Mom was dating to examine the pitfalls and perks of those Casanovas before you.You Can Make the First Move Fortunately, men are no longer on the hook for making the first move.With Tinder, Bumble, Grindr and about 100 other apps, you can find a date with the swipe of your finger.In this day and age, its not surprising that my 19-year-old friend confessed to me, “I haven’t really dated without the internet.” That sentence would never have been uttered 20 years ago.Turn your phones off, meet for coffee and put in some face time.You Can Meet and Greet Online Online dating didn’t exist when Mom was on the prowl, so meeting people was a lot different then.With the evolution of Internet dating, folks now get the opportunity to see what’s out there without actually being out there.Meeting people in neighboring cities has never been easier, while a certain sense of prescreening is encouraging to those who are apprehensive.Meet for a quick drink for an hour and then decide if you want the date to continue.Happening upon a cute guy and asking for his number seems to be a thing of the past now.

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