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Jesse has been my favorite male contestant on the show over the many seasons.I’ve interviewed him many times and stayed in touch since then, and am really delighted for him and Ann. Radar Online has the exclusive video of the proposal, in which Jesse tells Ann: “I’ve spent the last year getting to know you….

I just wish I could get each contestant in a room prior to agreeing to film with this show and explain to them what was about to happen."Your Tango: You and Ann appear to have such a strong, happy marriage. Your Tango: Congrats on the upcoming addition to your family! Jesse: Ann has had a rough go of sickness with the pregnancy, but we are excited to have a beautiful daughter join our family.

“There is a fine line, and producers cross it daily.

This is one of the most dangerous shows because it ruins lives,” he reveals.

What advice do you have for couples about making it work once the cameras are gone? Your Tango: You were hoping for another boy; are you warming up to having a little girl now that the due date is approaching?

Jesse: I think every dad wants boys, but I am excited to have a daughter.

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