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Rules of dating multiple guys

With online dating you never know what the person is like until you meet. I've never went on multiple dates with multiple people over a span of a few weeks.

so I would say that its ok to meet a few guys at once. I don't like to split my focus and energy on so many people.

I had somewhat of an experience with meeting many men in a short amount of time and it was quite something!

I met quite a lot of interesting men, even got to know some personally on a casual level.

I'd rather focus on a great guy I like enough to go on more than a couple dates with than focus on 10 other men and hardly know much about each of them. So I don't believe focusing on one or many people will help a clingy/needy person in that aspect, it's just a quality a person may have that they have to change for themselves not the number of people they date. I hope your new dating strategy works out for the best and you get the end results you want I dont like the idea of multiple dating. why do you feel like you HAVE to have somone or have a date all the time? I don't really know exactly what I want in a man besides intelligence and kindness.

To me, that's a lot of time spent trying to get to know so many people, and it would be hard trying to remember all of what they say and all of what I learned. and then you're gonna forget their names and who does what. its like dating for the hell of it (ill just grab a bunch of guys and date whoever then pick whoever is the best). I can't say he's too into motorcycles, off the list, or he's not very interested in art, bye bye, I see people as multifaceted and want to get a full picture of them before I say they aren't worth long term consideration, to me that takes time.

Once went on one day with a man I met there, and before that started to date a guy for a few months I met from there.

I tell ya, it was pretty crazy but never met anybody past those 2 I would of went on more than one date with, they just didn't seem to be the right fit for me.

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