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Should i keep dating him

Contrary to what some believe, all cooked meat - including poultry and seafood as well - should be refrigerated as soon as possible after cooking.

'Do not leave them on the bench top to cool before placing them in the refrigerator.

The warmth of the food will encourage growth of any microbes which may get onto the meat from your hands, utensils etc,' they said.'This is especially important with casserole-type dishes where food poisoning bacteria can actually survive the cooking process.'Modern refrigerators can cope with small amounts of hot foods being placed directly into them.

However, to avoid excessive condensation in the refrigerator, a brief cooling period (not more than one hour) prior to refrigeration is preferred.' Bars need to be kept between 15C (60F) and 21.1C (70F) - a cool room temperature.

Chocolate chips contain less cocoa butter than normal chocolate and can therefore withstand higher temperatures.

But they're still best kept at the same temperature as your chocolate bars and in a similarly dark place. Shop bought truffles should also be kept at the same cool room temperature, away from sunlight and in a dark pantry.

They also need to be stored away from sunlight - a cool pantry or cupboard is ideal.

If your kitchen gets too warm, you can keep it in the fridge but make sure you wrap it up tightly to prevent any odours from spoiling the taste or condensation from spoiling the texture.Also as the cocoa butter in chocolate absorbs odours readily, be sure to store your chocolate away from such items as garlic and spices as these may also affect the chocolate's flavour.Source: Haigh's Australia Leading food safety expert Belinda Stuart-Moonlight, told FEMAIL previously that another reason chocolate shouldn't be refrigerated is because it can lead to a 'sugar bloom'.The optimum holding temperature is between 15-20ºC with low humidity.To maintain the freshness of your purchase, we recommend that you store your chocolates in a cool dry cupboard away from heat or light source and any perfumed items such as soaps.But if you've made them yourself using fresh cream, then these need to be stored in an airtight container in the fridge.Fresh produce is mostly temperature sensitive and should be stored either in the fridge or in cool areas of the home.Speaking to Stuff, New Zealand based chocolate expert and judge, Luke Owen Smith, said that even in a heat wave, it's best to avoid storing chocolate in the fridge at all costs.Mr Owen, who owns The Chocolate Bar and is widely known for his monthly boxes of quality craft chocolate bars, said that chocolate stored in the fridge becomes 'dull' and 'doesn't release the flavours'.This occurs when it’s chilled then exposed to warmer air.It causes condensation on the surface, dissolving some of the sugar, which recrystallises as a grainy, white coating.

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