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Updating dvd firmware

So the process is: turn on the ignition — the RNS include, insert the disk agree with the installation and zhdems.

Default RNS off after 30 minutes without the ignition switched on. 'Officials have a disc with actual maps costs about 200 euros.

Especially for users of the site we posted the official version of the firmware for Phantom 556B.

We hope that the firmware for Phantom 556B, the updated version is useful to you.

We hope that the firmware for Starlight SL-156 DVD, the updated version is useful to you.

After installing and updating, please do not forget to leave your opinion in the comments, it is very important to hear your opinion.

Navigate to the USB memory attached to your Xtreamer player containing the firmware update file. Once you have located the file, highlight the file and press ENTER on your remote to begin the upgrade process. The Xtreamer will reboot and the process will be done in matter of few minutes. Installing a firmware update for your Media Player improves the general user experience by adding new features, fixing bugs, and enhancing the compatibility of your device, in order to play various formats of audio and video content.

Updating dvd firmware netdating dkj

After the process is finished, you may want to do a RESTORE DEFAULT in the SETTINGS menu.- We do not recommend to upgrade the firmware via your network shared folders, as a loss in connection to the network could cause a break in the firmware upgrade process.- Do not power-off the Xtreamer during the firmware upgrade process.

Firmware Version RNS-510: 5238, map of Eastern Europe V9, CD 7919, August 2012, 1T0 051 859 AC 2012 Q1. I downloaded the firmware for the RNS-510: 5274 and the map of Eastern Europe V12, CD 8196, July 2014, 1T0 051 859 AJ 2014Q1. Firmware fit on a CD, but the card had to write to dual-layer DVD.

Check the version of firmware (hold SETUP on the RNS-510 panel) I found that the firmware version and the card is not the latest.

The most common method of upgrading your Media Player is by using a USB stick or update DVD.

Although this process is very straightforward, each device has certain particularities that you must take into account.

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